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Hack Update

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  • New rare texture variations for Triceratops, T-Rex and Utahraptor + achievements
  • New uncommon texture variation for Quetzalcoatlus + achievement


  • Pathfinding in ruins is changed so dinos can get closer to the buildings
  • Bug fixes
  • Crash fixes related to Quetzalcoatlus

so the game refreshed and I think I will need to update hack..
think a hack works by 70 percent since added several new styles of animals.

I will soon start working on an update

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in primal game I'm doing a great job, on fix and add new dinosaurs I spend a lot of time from a few days to a few weeks...

After this update, I plan to raise the price for the month of Use, I'll tell you exactly how much will be a month and two months of use, when I begin work on updating!


ps Now I suggest you buy a hack, not to buy it at the new price.. 

ps2 because I have a new paypal account, I will not take money from the old users are planning to buy it for $ 5

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