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TheHunter:Primal Update v2.2


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thank one person who helped me! DAHEL!!! ;)


in hack has not been added in the new dinosaur Trex Primal, I could not find it. But if you have turn on the universal wallhack you see him if you meet him.

by the way, universal wallhack, I wanted to say how it works. It works at all objects, even if the ESP does not work on some dinosaur, wallhack will always work...


Trex Primal It will be added later. and try to make infinite ammo.

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Hello does this hack still work if so i would like to buy it please let me no .thnks

works works, Marik means, game devs dropped down overall developing for this primal-project, as poor of money feedback coz its based on buy it now, nothing about micro purchases, expected more money from game

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