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Updating Loader Mix-Hack\TheHunter Hack\Primal Hack


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With this update, I was preparing for a long time. The time has come! :)

I mainly perfected programming of the code and fixed a lot of small and big mistakes.


Relese new version Loader! V4.9 -> for more information look in the topic download!


Relese new version TheHunter Hack! V4.5

We checked all the animals
No Vegetation (reversed)
Rock Ptarmigan M and F
Willow Ptarmigan M and F
Universal Chameleon (all objects-> Animals, People, weapons, equipment) -> (reversed)

Sounds in menu

AimBot -> Show Aim (the purpose of which is captured is marked marker)
A lot of mistakes
WallHack changed to Chameleon

Management aimbot changed (You can control the camera with the keys).

Relese new version Primal Hack! V2.4

Font size
Сolor menu


Chams changed to Chameleon
No Vegetation
A lot of mistakes

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