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Black friday - sell-out


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It is time for a price reduction. I will be glad to present you a coupon that gives a discount exactly 30%!
The coupon will only be available for these subscriptions.
TheHunter Lite
3 months 19.00$ = 13.30$(Click)

1 year 60.00$ = 42.00$(Click)
forever! 119.00$ = 83.30$(Click)

TheHunter Full
3 months 40.00$ = 28.00$(Click)
1 year 80.00$ = 56.00$(Click)
forever! 140.00$ = 98.00$(Click)
TheHunter Primal
3 months 16.00$ = 11.20$(Click)
1 year 50.00$ = 35.00$(Click)
forever! 99.00$ = 69.30$(Click)

TheHunter C.O.T.W.
3 months 20.85$ = 14.595$(Click)
1 year 70.00$ = 49.00$(Click)
forever! 130.00$ = 91.00$(Click)


Сoupon and additional information you can find by this link(Click)!

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Hey, Marik! I will renew the subscription, I always bought Premium TheHunter! What difference does it make to Premium TheHunterFull?

 additional functions

 No Recoil

 No Tree

 No High Grass

 No Grass

 No Fog

 Animals ignore you 

 No Climate

 Inventory at anywhere

 AimBot (auto aiming)

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