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Killing Floor 2 Hack


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Here soon work with this hack will come to an end and it will be released.

Its main feature will be this "aimbot", which will be guided by the "Priority is only these Zed" that is included in the list. Because of this, hacking will be less noticeable to other users in a cooperative mode.

Another special function "FOV angle". This will allow you to adjust the viewing angle from 10 or up to 360, you can aim at Zed, which are located on your side or behind you. In the video, the values of "FOV angle" is set to 20. This leads to automatic aiming only in cases where your "CrossHair" is aimed at Zed.


ps In the future, it will be improved and added new features. The main one in the development of hacking rested on the fact that other users who play along with you did not notice that you are using hacking.

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