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Killing Floor 2 Cheat (Premium Version)

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  • Fov Angle
  • Redirection rate
  • Priority is only these Zed
  • Separately Aim MiniBosses & Boss
  • Key for aimbot (Right mouse button\Left mouse button\Use keyboard)
  • Custom Bone for Aimbot


  • Drawing
  • Drawing Box(Box 2D\Box 3D)
  • Health Bar
  • Face Laser
  • Aimbot Marker
  • Enable Marker(Size 4-8)
  • Snap Line to Marker
  • Draw Text
  • Show Zed Name
  • Show Zed Distance
  • Color
  • Visible/Invisible
  • Visible/Invisible only MiniBoss & Boss

Object Esp

  • Ammo & Pickup
  • Show Ammo
  • Show Ammo Distance
  • Show Pickup
  • Show Pickup Distance
  • Set a Limit Distance (Maximum distance 0-350m)
  • Dropped Item
  • Show Dropped Item
  • Show Dropped Item Distance
  • Collectible
  • Show Collectible
  • Show Collectible Distance
  • Set a Limit Distance(Maximum distance 0-350m)

Radar 2D

  • Show Players
  • Highlight MiniBosses & Boss
  • Size 100-250
  • Сolor setting


  • No Recoil & Spread


  • Dynamic, you can change the size and color.


  • Preset manager

Status: Undetected hacking // does not work for pvp.
Works for Steam and Epic games. 


1 month 9.33$(Click)
2 months 16.33$(Click)
3 months 23.33$(Click)

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UPdate v1.5

Menu in full format.

An individual new style for the menu was invented.

A new way to drag dynamic windows. (aim boss, radar 2d)

new hook method, saves more memory.

fast authorization method for distant countries, China, Brazil and others.

--also added new features

Aimbot Marker

Show Neck

Visible/Invisible Color

Visible/Invisible Color only MiniBoss & Boss

Show Ammo

Show Pickup

Dropped Item

Show Collectible

Radar 2D

the old features were slightly improved


Snap Line to the head


PS It is recommended to delete the old settings file.

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UPdate v1.6.2

removed Show Neck

add funs Bone for Aimbot

hack works for mods: Classic Scoreboard, Extension (RPG)

hack and mod - hacking now automatically detects which mod is installed on the server and if hacking supports it, it automatically works, without your participation no need to restart the game.


ps I added absolutely all bones to the bone selection function, please note that some bones will not provide the correct coordinates.

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