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Official "theHunter:Call of the Wild" Hunting Club of Mix-Hack.ru


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Hello fellow Mix-Hack.ru users, since a couple more Members joined the the Hunter: Call of the Wild here on the site, I´d like to create some little Hunting Club.


Anyone that is interested in Hunting together some Diamonds is free to send me a Private Message here on the Forum with his Steam Name and I´ll invite you into it.


Everyone that joins receives a little gift of me:


+ No Sway

+ Unlock all Level: XP Level,Gun Level, Skill Points, Perk Points

+ No Reload

+ Speedhack

+ Silent Movement

+ God Mode

+ Freeze Animals

+ Change Time


The new Update of Marik which is in development receives some new features too.

Such as Animal Name ESP in different Colors for each Map.

You can enable only Male Red Deer for example if you´re on a Diamond search.


I´ve tested this new Hack already and I can tell you the wait is worth it. So be hyped for that new Update. B)

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