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KF2 Hack Update v1.5

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#1 Marik

Posted 09 July 2020 - 22:46
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I’ve been working on this update for a long time, there were a lot of problems with some functions but, all I wanted, I did it.
Menu in full format.
An individual new style for the menu was invented.
A new way to drag dynamic windows. (aim boss, radar 2d)
new hook method, saves more memory.
fast authorization method for distant countries, China, Brazil and others.
--also added new features
Aimbot Marker
Show Neck
Visible/Invisible Color
Visible/Invisible Color only MiniBoss & Boss
Show Ammo
Show Pickup
Dropped Item
Show Collectible
Radar 2D
the old features were slightly improved
Snap Line to the head


PS It is recommended to delete the old settings file.

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#2 kawa3r

Posted 10 July 2020 - 15:59
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