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COTW - Random Crash during Multiplayer

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Was playing with 2 Friends on Yukon, after like 7 min into the Game i crashed to desktop, thought it was the hack at first.

But then after i joined back in their lobby another friend that isnt using the Hack crashed too, 3 min later my other mate as well.

We thought it was the new Tracer Arrows of the Bow since we all used them, we stopped using them and switched to guns, still someone crashed.

Then we switched to Layton Lake and i crashed again...


Has someone experienced the same problem today?

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I think number 2 is only for us both because my other mates are not using the trainer that we use.

To 1 and 3: i think the Game as some issues with their Cloud Sync at the moment, since there was no actual Update or Hotfix since the game was working last time.

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